Classico TOURS

For this journey, Mr Papillon offers you 3 mythical Tours ! 3 tours which embody the quintessence of the « french-grandeur » of the old time, the symbol of Paris and the french national pride !

Come to discover or re-discover the Arc of Triomphe, Eiffel Tower or the mythical Opera Garnier during a morning guided tour ! Keenly prices and a warm Welcome in a very french traditional place, proposing therefore a hot morning coffee, french croissant & O. Juice before to start our visit in any of the tour.

Do not hesitate ! Wether it is a 1st time for you or a repetitive visit, those monuments, thanks to their hystorical heritage, will NEVER let you indifferent… !

ARTY Discovery – Art galleries in Paris

Mr Papillon TOUR & VISIT offers you an enchanting tour in the Art universe… That particular tour-visit is aimed toward a novice audience as well as a more advised art amateur audience, to help you to better understand and better grasp the nowadays art market. Therefore Mr Papillon will be able to take you to specific art galeries to whom Mr Papillon has a very special relationship with, and who would be able to map you more in details the great actors of this market…

Seats Available : 15 Persons Max.

Schedule of the Journey : 10.00 a.m | 04.30 p.m



In the heart of the 1st arrondissement of Paris, Mr. Papillon TOUR & VISIT invites you on an exclusive tour made of visits & discoveries, immersing you in the heart of the great French Perfumery, allowing you to discover the manufacturing workshops and all the history of this ultimate symbol of refinement!

We will guide you in the heart of typical & confidential Paris; during this trip you will be immersed in this wonderful city’s history through a discovery of scents but also of taste buds & taste…

Seats Available : 15 Persons Max.

Schedule of the Journey : 10.00 a.m | 4.30 p.m



Mr Papillon TOUR & VISIT, is proposing a morning journey, rooted in the 8th ‘s Paris district, few steps away from famous Paris Garnier Opera.
This journey, « Chocolate & Shopping » will take you to an extraordinary typical french chocolaterie ! Benefiting from a chocolate know-how, recognized by the best specialist in this field, and who will, for sure, satisfy your gourmet’s appetite ! Let’s go afterwards for a shopping time inside the PRINTEMPS PARIS galleries, so that you can perform your purchases with prestigious and famous brands inside the galleries ! (Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Tod’s…). Thanks to Mr Papillon TOUR & VISIT, you will be eligible to benefit from advantageous discounts on your overall purchases. To finish, we will enjoy, on the top floor of the PRINTEMPS PARIS gallery a selection of tapas & finger-food along with a refreshment, to end-Up on a tasty note our morning journey.
Just Enjoy the discovery! 😉

Seats Available : 15 Persons Max.

Schedule of the Journey : 10.00 a.m | 1.00 p.m



Mr Papillon TOUR & VISIT takes you at the rule of king Louis the 14th, immersing you therefore, at the times of french Kings & Queens. Thanks to the genius of the great builders from the 18th century, you’ll be astonished by all the splendour that both the Gardens (jardins du Roi ) and the castle itself , have to offer !
Mr Papillon TOUR & VISIT is offering you the possibility to combine both of those tour subsequently, or to do it sepparately. 
Welcome to Versailles…!

Seats Available : 15 Persons Max.

Schedule of the Journey : 8.00 a.m | 3.45 p.m



Through a full-day visiting tour, Mr Papillon TOUR & VISIT, takes you to the “Champagne-Ardennes” french region, to make you discover the living, sparkling local treasure, the champagne !
During that time, we will be able to taste some of the best champagne references, testimony of a deep, centenary know-how sparkling wine-making along with a delicious meal proposed for lunch.
Come to discover the finest of the finest ! A true tasting experience that will marvel at your senses…

Seats Available : 15 Persons Max.

Schedule of the Journey : 8:20 a.m | 5:15 p.m



Cook like a real French chef! Prepare traditional dishes that reflect our beautiful country (duck breast, pot-au-feu etc…) and that brilliantly illustrate the culinary variety of France. You will be cooking in the very heart of a traditional restaurant, with the help of a chef who will guide you all the way through the event, and finally, you will get to taste and enjoy your self-made meal on site. Hmmm DELICIOUS!

Seats Available : 4 Persons Max.

Schedule of the Journey : 9:00 a.m | 1.00 p.m



Mr Papillon TOUR & VISIT offers you a 48H trip away to Bordeaux on request, in order for you to go and discover the hidden treasures of this wonderful city. A visit of a prestigious vinery is planned including a wine-tasting of differents years and aged wine, but not only… ! In fact, Bordeaux has so much more to offer .. ! Let’s go and immerse yourself in this ancient city made of historic treasures (castle, museums, old places and a tremendous gastronomic/food heritage)

Seats Available : 15 Persons Max.

Schedule : 2 days

From 489€/Pers.