Classico Tours

For this journey, Mr Papillon offers you 3 mythical Tours ! 3 tours which embody the quintessence of the « french-grandeur » of the old time, the symbol of Paris and the french national pride !
Come to discover or re-discover the Arc of Triomphe, Eiffel Tower or the mythical Opera Garnier during a morning guided tour !
Keenly prices and a warm Welcome in a very french traditional place, proposing therefore a morning hot coffee, french croissant & O. Juice before to start our visit in any of the tour.

Do not hesitate ! Wether it is a 1st time for you or a repetitive visit, those monuments thanks to their hystorical heritage, will NOT let you indifferent… !

Eiffel TOWER :

This iron Lady, originally built for the International exhibition fair of 1889, was meant to be only a showcase of the great French technical engineering of this era, and then being dismantled….

Fortunately, they didn’t go that far.. ! therefore you can still nowadays, enjoy the presigious view of this Old Iron Lady, classified UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991. Mr Papillon offers you the possibility to come and enjoy its great look, high-above its 324m height and its breathtaking view over Paris’s rooftops.. !

45€ all included


The Arc de Triomphe of « Place de l’Etoile », oftenly called simply « Arc de Triomphe », and from which its construction has been decided in 1806 by Napoleon the 1st, and achieved under the reign of Louis Philippe, rises proudly from its 50m height, over the round « Place de l’Etoile ».

This monument has originally been built in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives for France, during various war France has been involved in .You will be, for sure, touched by the prestige and the nobility of this monument.

35€ all included

Opéra Garnier :

The Opéra Garnier (also called simply Paris’s Opera) is a mythical place and a must-going place if you seek for quality entertainment in Paris ! This Opera has seen some of the greatest and most famous play, performing inside its walls : Swan-Lake ; TOSCA ; the Barber of Séville, Don-Giovani and so many more… !
For 1H, come to discover this place, accompanied by a guide dedicated to this visit, and who will be able to tell you all the little stories and show you the backstage of this extraordinary place, dated from the 17th Century built under the reign of Louis the XIV th.

39€ all included